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InterBase XE7 Server
InterBase XE7 Server

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    Server Edition

    Does your business care if its data gets lost? As a high proportion of businesses that lose their data go out of business within a year, InterBase Server offers powerful point-in-time data recovery capabilities through its journaling feature. Journaling is part of the server edition and can help you get back up and running with all your data even in the event of primary hardware failure when the backup has not run for a while!

    How much do you care about people seeing your data? Data security is important both on and off your server. InterBase offers both DES and AES encryption standards with separate backup encryption keys for secure data storage at all times, both on and off the server! As most data breaches are accidental, InterBase Server supports best practices around data visibility by combining it into the data layer so once updated, it is supported by any application that accesses your database.

    Do you need a database that is cost effective and grows with you? If you need multiple users or devices connected to the same database at the same time then InterBase Server is definitely the edition for you. As InterBase has a small footprint, both on disk and in memory, it is ideal for use in small business servers that may be shared with other applications through to larger enterprises. In short, InterBase Server scales as your business grows! Additional user seats and CPU cores are easily added (you get 8 cores included and can add up to 32 cores) supporting 100's of concurrent users.

    With these capabilities, InterBase Server is your best choice for Enterprises, ISVs, OEMs and VARs who need to silently run a database with their applications and care for the safe storage and management of data they are entrusted with!

    Supported platforms: InterBase XE7 is available for 32bit and 64bit Windows and Linux Servers

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