InterBase 2017 Server

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Server Edition

InterBase 2017 Server Edition is a cost effective, zero administration, and lightweight but powerful embeddable database for your business critical applications. As your organization grows, InterBase 2017 Server scales with you. InterBase 2017 Server allows hundreds of simultaneous users to connect to a single database. Every base InterBase Server Edition license includes support for up to 8 CPU cores and 1 user. You can add Additional CPU licenses (8 cores each) for up to a total of 32 cores and you can add Additional Simultaneous User Licenses for 1 to unlimited users. In addition to providing local RDBMS capabilities, the server edition also allows remote connections for increased flexibility. InterBase server provides AES data encryption and SSL communication for more security and access control. Perfect for Enterprises, ISVs, OEMs and VARs who need to embed a database into their applications.

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